Programs Offered (6 to 12 years)

The world of math education welcomes you to explore. We are committed to provide cutting-edge and successful maths education programmes that assist students in realising their full potential. We employ specialised methods and strategies in our programmes to help students develop their problem-solving, focus, and mental math skills.

Enrichment program

Beyond what is typically taught in schools, these programmes and activities offer additional maths education. Math enrichment programmes is a form of accelerated math, which frequently concentrate on harder or more specialised material in order to challenge and quicken students' learning.

3G Abacus Programme

Our 3G abacus maths programme --- 3G abacus Singapore franchise --- a brain development tool activate both left and right brain and teaches maths to kids, both visually and physically. Children are taught to perform arithmetic calculations fast and accurately by our qualified teachers using abacus equipment. This approach strengthens students' ability to concentrate and visualise, improve creativity, enhances their numerical skills and boosts their maths confidence.

Vedic Math Programme

Our Vedic maths curriculum emphasizes mental calculations and shortcuts and is based on ancient Indian slokhas, sutras and writings. This programme helps students to sharpen their mental math abilities, gain a deeper comprehension of mathematical ideas, and to develop their problem-solving capabilities. Learning Vedic maths is a fun and rewarding experience, thanks to the creative teaching methods used by our qualified teachers.


AceurMath - Enrichment, 3G Abacus and Vedic math programs provide students with numerous benefits. Here are a few benefits:

Improved mental math skills

Enrichment, 3G Abacus and Vedic math programs emphasise mental calculations, which aids student to perform mathematical calculations more rapidly and precisely.

Enhanced problem-solving skills

Students who participate in Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus, and Vedic math programs have a deep knowledge of mathematical concepts, which will improve their problem-solving skills.

Increased confidence

Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus and Vedic math programs help students in strengthening their maths ability and gaining self-assurance.

Accelerated learning

In order to provide students with a competitive edge in academics and beyond, Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus, and Vedic math programs help them to learn and improve more quickly.

Better concentration

Programs in Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus, and Vedic math demand concentration and attention from the students. This assists them to develop their concentration abilities.

Enriched learning experience

Our Math Enrichment courses go above and beyond the standard math curriculum to give students a deeper understanding of complex arithmetic concepts, enabling them to study more diversely.

Fun and engaging

Students can learn math more effectively and with greater enjoyment by registering with Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus, and Vedic math programme.

Overall, Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus and Vedic math programme provides a range of benefits to students of all ages and skill levels, assisting them in developing their self-assurance, competence, and success as learners in maths and for other subjects too.

Key Features of Aceurmath

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Quality of training

Our teachers/instructors are skilled and trained to teach these techniques.

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Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus and Vedic math programsre inexpensive (priced reasonably) and provide good value for money

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Your kids' mathematics skills will be significantly improved by Math Enrichment, 3G Abacus, and Vedic math programs, which will also help them perform better in school.